India’s Best Immigration Consultant

Problems Faced by the Clients in Choosing the Right Immigration Consultants

Our panel experts from Brigade Visas would like to support all the skilled immigrants and aspirants across India who are facing challenges and issues in choosing the right Immigration Consultancy and the Consultants, who would be assisting them to migrate and settle down in a foreign country.

It is a fact that there are thousands of immigration consultants in India providing the consultancy services but major of them are fraudulent and doesn’t have the right information and expertise in the subject of immigration which is leading to several applicants losing their chances of getting to their dream country.

India's Best Immigration Consultant

India’s Best Immigration Consultant

Whereas the sole intention of these fraudulent immigration consultants is to loot the hard earned money of the applicants and it’s an fact that these consultants doesn’t have proper licenses and registrations with the agencies and also doesn’t have the expertise in lodging the applicants.

As per our research we could find many barriers such as difficulty in getting credentials recognized, employment discrimination, and lack of immigration access to social capital and networks, processing the applications and so on.

We request all the aspirants and skilled immigrants across India to come forward and post their views, concerns and the challenges that they are facing. So that we can find the best possible solutions and can implement better practices in helping all the clients and make their dreams come true.

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